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". . . In your light we see light"

"In your


we see


Psalm 36:9

If following Christ means navigating the life-path of losing to gain and dying to live, then we need traveling companions. Maybe now more than ever.

What to Expect

Bring a Bible (or borrow one of ours), we will be reading from it and working together to hear the Lord's voice through it.  We will sing (mostly hymns, some choruses), and we will be praying together.

Strictly speaking, we believe that our "worship" occurs whenever we organize our time and resources around our growing "first love" in Christ. These meeting times, therefore, are intended to deepen and maintain that first love so that our worship can occur more consistently every day.





We will  be meeting at the Mount Community Center in the facilities of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church.

Coming in the Monaghan Rd driveway, you will approach the building pictured below.  Parking is available along the north side (to the right of the round "tower"), enter through the door where you will see our signage.

If you prefer to join us remotely, please contact us with a skype identity, or phone number, so that we can include you.



PHONE:  705 652-3485



Sunday 1:00 -3:30 pm

Please contact Pastor Glen if you would like to join us online or by phone.



Our pastor, Rev. Glen Sadlier (MDiv, PhD)

has been an ordained pastor with the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada (AGC) since 1987.  Glen and Ruth have 4 daughters and 7 grandchildren.

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